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Amplifiers for Sale

I may or may not have any custom amplifiers available, depending on the number of restorations underway and work load.  Use the contact form to find out what I have or to have me build one for you.

Each of the current production of this amplifier is a little different depending on the output transformers I use to build them. They each get a women's name and I will share with the buyer the reason for the each name.  They also are hand serial numbered and  signed by me and carry my personal guarantee. No real reason I started this except that it will be a very small run of custom hand built amps (12)and they all have different personalities. While I could use current production transformers from Hammond or Edcor (like I did for the identical ones), I prefer to use old iron, when possible. After I have burned them in for 48 hours in my shop, I run them on my audio test stand and then they go to my office for a couple weeks of serious listening. If they pass everything they get offered in my ebay store or this website.

Rose Sold-This amplifier is Rose. She is serial number 004. She has a beautiful Rosewood front. She has a very nice set Hammond 1650F outputs, (I used these in a set of 4 I built for customer who wanted 4 identical amps) She has outputs for 4, 8 and 16-ohm speakers and gold input connections. She has a power switch and fuse on the back. (in Dynaco spots) The outputs are Russian Military equivelent to 6L6GC's. These were made in the 70's and are almost bullet proof. I have run 600 volts on the plates without arcing. They also sound very good, very much like RCA Gray plate 6L6GC's.  The 12AU7’s are Baldwin organ tubes from the 50’s-60's. These all tested like new and were hand selected when they were produced for low noise and micro-phonics.I don't know who actually manufactured them for Baldwin, but they must have been a very good customer because these are spectacular tubes.  They are some of the best 12AU7’s you will find. (They actually sound better than Telefunken’s in this application) Rose features a 5V4 tube rectifier. She also has a fan that runs at half speed and is very quiet. This fan helps extend the life of an amp and tubes. I can build you one with out the fan, if you insist. She conservatively puts out a little over 22 watts RMS per channel, and is as sweet as her name. The midrange and treble are smooth as silk and the bass is strong and solid. The sound of this amplifier is very close to original Fairchild and Pilot 6L6 amps, but since the power supply is beefier, the bass is more solid.

Below is an analysis from the gentleman who bought Racine (serial 002) He obviously knows his way around audio equipment. He told me he had a number of Fisher amps and his amplifier used some Fisher 500 receiver outputs.

Racine arrived this past weekend, you packed her very well, double boxed method provided excellent protection for her journey to Mooresville, NC.  First thing I did was put her on my shop bench to run some square wave signal through her.   I used a WaveTech generator, a Heath 25, True RMS AC/Volt meter, an HP Freq. counter along with a 30 MHz dual trace scope.  Racine’s outputs were loaded with a pair of 25 watt, 8 ohm resisters.   I started the test after Racine had warmed up for about 10 min.  Test were run with an input level of .9 volts.  The initial test ranged from 18hz to 12Khz all was found to be flat and with no  measurable output level change.

I then ran the input voltage up to 1.5 Volts and the observed output wave form remained relatively flat measuring over 55 volts at the output making about 22 to 25 solid watts per channel.   

I returned  to the .9 volt input level, and ran through the higher freq. to find an excellent response from 13khz to 22Khz observing a flat response showing a small rise time overshot (less than 5% of the rise time amplitude) for about three (decreasing in level) cycles,  As the freq increased this overshot remained relatively small and had no observed sonic consequence.   I went on to 30 KHz input signal for grins, observing a surprisingly good pattern and relatively little signal level drop off, less than .3 volts at the outputs.

I did not make any THD measurements due to my THD instrument being out for calibration at the time of  this test. 

If what I hear is any indication, I don’t expect there will be any issue. 

Played through both a set of JBL (reformed) 4311bs and pair of Fisher XB7b, Simply put, your amp is warm and clean from its musical lows to its pristine highs.   Yet in each of those extremes, she is not muddy, nor harsh, the middle freq. were also a joy, reproducing remarkable clarity, while again remaining beautifully musical.

I finally have a spectacular tube amp….

Thank You!


Rhonda has been around a little. She has been a demo amp  and just got my latest upgrades. She is a little different  that some of my others in that she has a switchable output stage to operate in either Ultralinear mode or Triode mode.