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Vintage Audio for Sale

This page is a listing of currently available vintage audio equipment. This equipment has been completely tested and refurbished or restored. It is ready to plug and play. Please read the description carefully and then contact me through our contact page. Please note it is necessary for you to include a valid email on the contact form. If you do not include your email, there is no way I can contact you. All equipment listed here is subject to prior sale.

My prices reflect the time and effort that goes into each piece. Compare prices you see on eBay for tube equipment, it has gotten nuts. People offering console stereo pulls for $150 to $675, some with no tubes! Dumpster finds are  listed for hundreds of dollars and then a disclaimer that it is "untested" and "AS IS". Some nice stuff but generally way over priced, and most is offered "as working but no guarantee", because of its age. Another favorite is, "Tubes light, no other testing done".  Some  "hand-built" stuff for thousands of dollars. And let's not forget the Chinese built stuff- most with really bad Chinese tubes and high shipping costs. I sold tube equipment on eBay and got very tired of the crap that happens there, so I am offering select pieces, rebuilt by me. I would urge you to spend a little time on eBay and check out the stuff there and then come back and buy with confidence.

Almost all the equipment I sell has had:
1- All filter capacitors replaced including bias caps
2- All tubes tested on 2 different testers, replaced as need, usually with American made Tubes
3- All resistors checked for drift and replaced as needed
4- All coupling capacitors tested for leakage and replaced as needed
5- Extensive bench testing and runs on my  Sencore audio analyzer and scope
6- Burn-in period and listening test for a few weeks

Equipment for Sale

Dynaco Mark 3 Mono Blocks-
These are a rescued pair of the KT88 mono blocks. The came to me with a second chassis attached to each one with an extremely complicated and completely unnecessary power supply.  The chassis have a number of extra holes drilled in them, so I cut some gun stock walnut and covered the ones I could. Please notice in the pictures there are still some that show around the power switch. I would normally replace the chassis on a restoration, but that would have added a couple hundred dollars to the final cost. The can cap has been replaced as well as some significant improvements to the power supply and bias supply. An under the chassis B+ fuse has been added. This protects your transformers in case of a tube or filter cap failure.10 Turn bias pots added as well as more capacitance, and easy to access jacks to connect your voltmeter for bias adjustment. The driver boards are some very nice quality imported boards that use precision resistors and WIMA caps. The 6AN8 power has been been rectified and filtered and capped to further quiet the amp. Tubes include new Sovtek KT88's, NOS 6AN8's and some very good 5R4 rectifiers. I chose 5R4's to drop the B+ voltage a little since these amps were designed when the typical line voltage was 110-112 volts, and with today's 120-125 line the high voltage can go over 525 volts DC. These amps sound great and produce 61 and 66 watts RMS respectively into a 4 ohm load with no sine wave distortion, even at full power.

This pair is priced at $1200.00 plus shipping in Continental US only

6973 Output tube Amplifier of unknown origin
I picked this unit from a guy who was selling tons of old audio stuff. It uses 6973 output tubes, which were not very commonly used. Altec used them and GE used some in some integrated amps. This unit is like most, molex type connectors for most stuff. It had  a very strange rectifier tube. It also used 7199 tubes, which are almost impossible to find. I replaced the rectifier with a 5V4, the 7199's with 6AN8's and left the 12AU7 preamp section alone. The tube substitution was done to make finding tubes long term a non-issue. The filter cap was replaced with a new CE unit and all electrolytic caps were replaced in the bias section. Added a power switch, fuse and speaker terminal strip. The chassis is painted with a hammered green (Altec color) and the transformers a lighter green. Solid oiled cherry end panels competed the new look. It only has one set of output taps and it produced 17 watts RMS/ channel into 8 ohms and 22 watts RMS per channel into 16 ohms. Nice clean symmetrical sine wave. Has all American tubes, with the 6973's being the original from the amp (Electro-harmonix sell replacements for 6973's and I did check the bias with a new set from another amp and it was stable and right on the noise. Chassis does have a few chips from being moved around in my shop.                                         Priced at $365 plus shipping

Dynaco ST 120  Very Special Unit
This is about as far as you can get from a stock stereo 120. The only things reused in this build is the chassis, cage, transformer, jacks, switches,and heat sinks. The rest is all new. This is a design by Dan Joffe of It uses  LM3886 gain-clone chips.These are highly regardedin the audiophile community, as some of the best ss amps out there at a reasonable price. His special design power supply supplie regulated current to the amps. The chassis  on this one was stripped and powder coated in a light antique gray and it looks great. It puts out 62 watts per channel RMS into a 8 ohm load before it starts clipping. Over the years I have rebuilt several hundred 120's and this is the best sounding one I have ever heard. A black 120 cage(top of chassis) is included but not shown in the photos.
Priced at $295 plus shipping on Cont US

Bogent HT125A Mosfet Commercial Mono Amplifie
r (pair available) Perfect for home theatre, subwoofer, or professional sound systems.  I obtained these and some 250's from a school system that updating equipment and eliminating some equipment. These are commercial mosfet amps and will produce 125 Watts RMS into an 8 ohm load (250 peak watts) They have 2 HiZ inputs(phono jacks) and can also take 600 ohm balanced inputs with an input transformer(not included but readily available) They have outputs for 4/8 ohms as well as 25 and 70 volt line outputs. Frequency response is = or - 1dB from 20-20,000 Hertz with 0.5% Harmonic Distortion at full rated power. Input sensitivity is 500mv for full outut.They both have minor blemishes but are in VG condition, operate flawlessly. These are monsters and weight in at 36 lbs not packed. They will be double boxed and the final shipping weight will be around 45 lbs each. Priced at $135 each plus shipping

Please check back frequently as I add items as time allows. Also please fill out a contact sheet if you would like more pictures of an individual piece. I just don't want to over load the website with too much stuff.